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Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus Puerto Banus is the most famous marina in Europe noted as the home of the rich and famous where wealth, fashion, exotic restaurants and bars are packed nightly with international personalities holding fabulous parties, the nightlife goes on until the dawn. This is the "place to be seen", where any holiday on the Costa del Sol is a must place to visit.

The Port marina is full of designer boutiques and restaurants and is home to luxury and expensive yachts as well as hundreds of smaller yachts. Some of the World’s richest live in the immediate area, King Fahd's of the Saudi royal family has his Palace Mar-Mar on the Golden mile plus two huge luxury yachts in the Port and is reputed to have spent £3000000 each day when visiting with the royal household.

Over recent years the marina restaurants and cafés, have seen the introduction of the International fast food chains and pasta houses bringing dining out within range of the everyday tourists who come to view the wealth and extravagance but could not possibly have afforded the extravagant prices that are the norm on the Port.

Puerto Banus is the place to shop with every designer label being available in the boutiques that crowd the town very often at prices lower than the UK. Corte Ingles, the Harrods’s of Spain, has its flag-ship department store alongside the Marina in addition the recent opening of the Marina Banus shopping centre is home to high street names and designer labels all are at lower cost than the UK.

Puerto Banus is a location that commands high prices and offers great earning potential for those able to invest in a business in the resort.